Our Name

oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw (Nehiyawak)
oski pima ci-owat ici ki-kay-dam-o-win-ing (Nakawē)
wana oicimani tecawosdodyē uncumpi (Dakota)
they are into their new journey to knowledge (English)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Respect is Key; Love is Powerful: but Peace is Unimaginable

Respect is Key; Love is Powerful: but Peace is Unimaginable
by Michael Starr-Desnomie

Going to Moose Jaw was amazing
getting the feeling
that I never felt before
in my life
it was a big change for me
starting off fresh.

Going down that good road
I will always continue to walk
There might be some ups and downs
and challenges to face.

Talking to strangers who mostly
turn into family
and fans
was great
getting a lot of positive feedback
getting told by people
how they see you
what they think of you.

But mostly what they love about you.

I told my story
what I went through as a child
and growing up as a teenager
experiencing things that no kid
should go through at a young age.

What I saw in my life
it will mark me for life.

I fought my demons
to get my wings back and
flying high and feeling freedom
is an unexplainable feeling.

I was told by a lady that my kukum
has been with me this whole time.
She told me that she can see spirits.

I asked her what does she look like and
she told me that she has short, black, curly hair
but when she told me that
she has golden wings and a golden halo.
I was speechless when she said that to me

I looked over my shoulder
 I didn’t see her but
I knew that I was safe and
protected and getting looked after.
She told she might be a guarding angel.

My heart warmed up like it was on fire.

I found out when I was in Moose Jaw
I was told by a lot of people
how gifted I am
how I can use those gifts
by helping out the ten mothers
who came all the way from Vancouver and Winnipeg.
I listen to ever word they said
when they invited us to a presentation of theirs.

I got this special feeling
when Idelette Mcvicker said
Listen with your mind.
Listen with your Heart.
Then you will feel sunlight shinning
on your wings as they spread out.
I listen to every word she said
she was telling people that
she belongs to them in a special way
well, in her own very special way.
She even pointed at me as said
I belong to you Michael.
It was a very special moment for me
because what she all said
is what I happened to me
I got a sign from that presentation.

I was sitting in a circle that
represents us as a nation
the four directions.
I always wanted to see that
all nations sitting and talking with each other and
taking each other as one big, happy family.

Melaney Gleeson-Lyall and Idelette Mcvicker and
eight other mothers that were a part of that presentation.
They all came to our Blanket Exercise that we were hosting at Moose Jaw Library.
Told them and other people that were a part of the Talking Circle.
Letting out tears of the pain of what I went through as a child and as a teenager
pouring my heart out to people.
Telling people what I went through growing up and
saying even what I been through.

Made me the man that I am today.
I’m not going to fail my ancestors.
I rather make them proud and
bring back my people from the shadows.
What I went through I always had a saying to it.
“I fought my Demons to get my Wings back’’
now flying high in the sky
flying so high that I never did before
feeling what I never did in years

Opening up to people and meeting them
they mostly turned into family.
I accepted everybody that said things that
never were said to me before in my life.
Having that empty space filled up with
lots of love was the best feeling ever.

I always held my heart because
what people say to me
gives me the strength
to love myself
even more than I did before.

Had so much Hope, Beliefs, Faith, Love, and Respect in me
that I’m going to continue what I do and
shine bright for people and change their lives.

But there’s one moment that will stay with me for a very long time.
When I was attending the Blanket Exercise with the girls
Because, well, we had two groups so
the boys took half and the girls took the other half.
I told people about my story and
when I was shaking their hands
a lady told me that I was very gifted and
that she can see me glowing.
She told that my kukum has been with me
this whole time she saw her beside me
when I was talking
putting her hand on my shoulder.
I looked over my shoulder but
I couldn’t see her
I asked her what she looks like
she told me she has short, curly, black hair.
I tried thinking, who is she.
When she told me that she had
golden wings and a gold halo
I was speechless.
She said it could be a guarding angel or my kukum.
I felt safe because I knew I was getting looked after
that I was getting taken care of, me.
That’s who is guiding me down the good road.

At least I was told because I didn’t know and
that means so much to me
that some lady who was gifted
told me what I didn’t know.

I talked with a lot people who mostly turn into family
feeling what I never felt in years
it was a heart touching moment and
it brought a tear to my eye.

Being honored to walk in the grand entry
was a blessing to me
because I never walked in one before.

When I was in the talking circle I always said.
I was that cub that was lost in the woods
trying to look for his family.
My mom never gave up on me
she found me, picked me up and
brought me back to my brothers and sisters.

I always give thanks to my ancestors each day I wake up.
Love knowing that they run through my veins.
Feeling protected because
I know that they are watching over me.

When I’m needing help
I know who to turn to and
ask for the strength
to help what I’m facing.

It was the best week that I ever had in my life
a lot of special moments
I will not forget.
Where I am now is much greater
than where I was before.

Doesn’t matter what color you are.
What tradition you live by.
We are all made by the same God.
We all feel the same on the inside.
We bleed the same color.
We should be respecting and loving one another.
Because Respect is key.
Love is powerful.
But peace is unimaginable.
Let’s all move forward together.
Let’s all come together as one nation.
As one big, happy family.


  1. So beautiful, Michael! Your ten mothers are so proud of you and cheering you on. Hold your head high and remember, you are a leader, not just because of your strength, but because of your honest vulnerability, too. You are destined for great things, my boy!

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