Our Name

oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw (Nehiyawak)
oski pima ci-owat ici ki-kay-dam-o-win-ing (Nakawē)
wana oicimani tecawosdodyē uncumpi (Dakota)
they are into their new journey to knowledge (English)

Friday, September 8, 2017

To Start a Friendship

Flash Back Friday with Oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw Grads 2017
In June 2017, we travelled to Wadena to Share the Kairos Blanket Exercise. Here's what two new friends had to say, Cole Taylor and Michael Cardinal.

Sheena: You said some beautiful things in the talking circle. Do you mind sharing them with me again?
Cole: “My pre-notations (were) that you guys would be forceful or preachy, that we were horrible, but you were kind and accepting. It just takes one common bond or one little spark to start a friendship. It’s not hard to find. The guitar I brought out (started that conversation)."

Sheena: Tell me about Wadena.

Michael: The kids were really well behaved, even though there were so many of them. Even though there were so much of them, I’m pretty sure we got through to most of them. A lot of them had really good things to say. There was lunch, but I didn’t even eat anything. I was going to, but they closed it before I got there. Yeah, all the kids were really well behaved.

Sheena: Tell me more about Cole Taylor.

Michael: This guy, Cole, came up to me at lunch, because we’d run out of time for the Talking Circle. I was just sitting there, he came up to me with his teacher, talking about the blanket exercise and what the settlers did. Then we just started hanging out and talking about guitar and stuff. I played on his guitar for a bit and then we kind of became friends. In the talking circle he said that we were really cool. After the talking circle, we were going to leave, but he had me play on his guitar and he recorded it for his ring tone. Just before we left he got me to sign his guitar. He was just happy.


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