Our Name

oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw (Nehiyawak)
oski pima ci-owat ici ki-kay-dam-o-win-ing (Nakawē)
wana oicimani tecawosdodyē uncumpi (Dakota)
they are into their new journey to knowledge (English)

Monday, February 12, 2018

My Year

by Raven Cook

Lately I’ve been asking myself “Is everything I’m doing going to be worth it?”

We’re two months into 2018. The whole thing with New Year’s resolutions (New Year, new me) has me thinking about what I want to change about myself. I have probably failed most of my resolutions already, haha. But when we fail at something we can choose to let it break us or we can choose to learn from our failure and come back stronger.

The more I've thought about it, I’ve noticed I have a lot of things to look forward to my last semester of high school. With days going by so fast, I guess I’ve been scared for this semester to end. Things I look forward to is travelling with my “oski-family”; finally graduating high school; and continuing my journey. I think these next few months will probably be some of my favourite and will help me find some sense of self.

When I turned 20, I had this feeling that it’s actually going to be “my year.” The year I find some true happiness and my happiness won’t be temporary, like I’m so used to it being. The support I have from my “oski-family” makes me feel I can keep going.  

Everything I’ve done with Oski-pimohtahtamwak otayisīniwiwaw has always been worth doing. So I think the answer I’ve been looking for is “yes, it’s all going to be worth it.” Everything will be okay.


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